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Every doctor wants to leave a good impression on his patients. Are you struggling to leave a good impression on them? Here are a few ways to work on it.

1) Talk to your patients

There are some doctors who don’t pay attention to everything the patients have to say and start diagnosing the problem right away. However, we suggest, you should listen to what they have to say first. Don’t speak in between the conversation, don’t cut them while they are saying something. This will distract them and they might forget the point they were going to share. It is the rule of communication to listen first before saying something.

Alan L. Melotek

Let your patients speak about their problems. Ask them different questions to help them share all the details with you. Ask them about how they feel in day or night, what are the changes in their diet, since when are they facing the problem. This will allow you to get a deeper insight into the problems of your patients. You will get more details which will help you to diagnose the problem in the best way. Asking for the details not only helps you understand the problem but you also get to impress your patients. If you want to diagnose the problem then you need to communicate with your patients.

2) Time

Time never stops. It never waits for anyone, the world is moving fast and so are we. We are always in a hurry. The same goes in this profession. The doctors usually have very little time to see their patients, so they try to get done with a patient every few minutes. What do you think about this? Don’t you think that every patient deserves proper attention? The doctors get paid for serving the patients, therefore, they should always give proper time to all the patients they see. They shouldn’t think about the time they are spending with patients. They should try to give the right time to every patient they see.

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